Risk Management


Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) takes great pride in delivering responsive, focused services to all our clients by ensuring that the highest standard of ethics, professionalism and integrity goes into our decision-making. We are constantly adapting the way we do our business so that we can adjust to changing client needs as well as respond to risks and opportunities that we face. This is why APS has developed a corporate Risk Management Program based on internationally recognized standards.

Risk Management Program.

In November 2007, a formal Risk Management Program was established and approved by the Corporation's Board of Directors. The implementation of this program is on-going and will provide our Corporation with a systematic framework to identify risks, assess their impact to corporate strategies and objectives, and implement appropriate actions to ensure risks are managed within acceptable tolerance levels. With this program, APS is strengthening its accountability and promoting responsible risk-taking and due diligence in all decision-making processes.

APS' Board of Directors is highly committed to the Program and has approved our Risk Management Philosophy Statement. The statement reflects the Corporation's commitment to effectively managing its risks and ensuring appropriate checks and balances are in place to protect and safeguard corporate assets, and increase its credibility and value to our clients.