We continue to find it.

Dedicated and determined. Resilient and relentless. These words continue to describe us at Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS). The COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges we faced in 2020 demanded that we discover and develop even more strength. We take pride in holding ourselves accountable and continuing to meet or exceed service levels for our clients’ members, pensioners and employers. We ensure they receive quality services because they—along with our people—are the reason we endure and succeed. In collaboration with our clients, we are setting the stage for a promising future.

Who we serve

The number of our clients’ members, pensioners and employers that we serve continues to grow. And so does the value of the funds we administer.


Total Members and Pensioners

2019: 384,351


Number of Employers

2019: 494

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Some of our highlights of 2020 are below.

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2020 Pensions Services Highlights

It would be an understatement to say 2020 was a challenging year, but we faced the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic head-on. Employees persevered and lived APS’ values—service, quality and accountability—to ensure our clients’ members, pensioners and employers continued to receive quality services.

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Member and Pensioner Satisfaction

84% 2020

Target 82% 2019 actual: 83%
2019 target: 80%

First Call Resolution

88% 2020

Target 80% 2019 actual: 87%
2019 target: 80%

Employer Engagement

81% 2020

Target 80% 2019 actual: 78%
2019 target: 80%

to Serve

We’ve maintained our position as a low-cost, high-service provider of pensions administration services when benchmarked* against our peers.

CEM Cost Per Member

CEM Cost per member chart

CEM Total Service Score

CEM Total Service Score chart

*APS’ operating costs, membership numbers and transactional information are submitted annually to Cost Effectiveness Measurement (CEM) Benchmarking Inc.; this helps us understand our position in relation to cost effectiveness and service levels with our peer organizations in Canada.

Funds Administered

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384,951 Members & Pensioners

2014: $5.6B 342,410 Members & Pensioners

2010: $3.7B 304,514 Members & Pensioners

Looking Ahead

It is exciting to look forward to our plans and goals for 2021 and beyond.

The pandemic is not over. As we work towards the new normal, we will embrace change and remain agile and determined. Even though Team APS and our clients have experienced considerable change and challenge over the last few years, our relationships, processes and the foundation it all rests on are stronger for it. We will continue to collaborate with our clients in our focus on a common goal—high-quality member service delivered in a cost-effective way.

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