Career Advancement

The Power of Diversity

Diversity is strongly embraced at APS. We understand that in order to grow, see changes and opportunities, and meet our corporate goals, a variety of skills, abilities, personalities and experiences must be captured within the organization.

Whether you are a recent graduate, someone looking for a change, an experienced professional or a veteran in the pension industry — this is the place for you! With a positive attitude and an open mind to new learning experiences, we have positions throughout the organization you can advance in or transfer to as your career grows and evolves at APS.

Career Advancement

Launching Your Career

Supported by APS, staff participate in lifelong learning initiatives that are created by our dynamic environment. For continued excellence at APS, a variety of training courses are made available to our employees to reinforce just how valuable we believe growth in the workplace is.

In addition, the following programs have been established:

  • Within our Education Department, on-site training on a variety of job and interpersonal skill-related topics are available to help employees do their job as effectively and efficiently as possible;
  • Our Educational Assistance Program covers tuition costs in a related job field;
  • Personal Development benefits support an external learning initiative one wishes to pursue that promotes career advancement and well-being;
  • Internal-only job postings are available for employees who wish to challenge themselves, transfer into another department, or be promoted within the organization;
  • Progression Exams within the Pension Business Area allow employees to excel from their current position into a more rewarding, extensive and specialized role; and
  • Annual Performance and Career Development reviews allow our employees to strive for continued success by creating a timeline of accomplishments to measure performance and growth.