Success Stories

Jacinthe Bourgeois, Financial Analyst

Jacinthe Bourgeois
Financial Analyst

New to Edmonton, Jacinthe found work with Alberta Pensions Services through an employment agency in 2007. A few months later, she was hired permanently as an Executive Assistant for the Executive Office. But Jacinthe's career didn't just stop there. She pursued her interest in a finance career and found that APS supported her in this goal.

In August 2012, after taking many courses, Jacinthe received her Certified Management Accountants designation. Not only did this take a lot of hard work on Jacinthe's part, but also the support and understanding of her managers and co-workers.

"Sometimes I had to take Fridays off to attend some interactive sessions for the program, or study for exams. My managers and Vice Presidents would let me make up for lost time. They were always offering help" says Jacinthe.

That is why she is grateful to APS. With ongoing support, Jacinthe was hired as a Financial Analyst in May 2012, realizing her goal!

Kim Nowry, Learning and Development Advisor

Kim Nowry
Learning and Development Advisor

Kim is an employee who beams with enthusiasm for her job. Given Kim's previous pension background, she knew APS was the place she wanted to be. "I knew right from the interview that I was comfortable with the environment here," says Kim.

Since starting out in the Member Services Centre in 2011, she has already moved into the role of Learning and Development Advisor, a role which she describes as her perfect job!

"APS has a great training program and a lot of what I've learned about defined benefit pensions, I've learned here at APS." Kim has frequently felt supported by the company in her position and this allows her to pass on that knowledge to fellow employees.

Helping others learn about the pension business is what makes Kim happy. "What inspires me is that despite how complex our business is, we strive to make the pension experience easier for our members (to understand). I love it when I see all of us working together and achieving this goal."