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The APS Men of Movember

November was a moustache month around APS. The cause was none other than Movember - a fundraising event where men around the world grow moustaches during the month of November to raise money and bring awareness to men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Several managers and staff in Employer Services, Plan Operations and the Member Services Centre banded together to form the MESPO Mo’s Bros. Together the team raised close to $3,500.

Sterling Tiessen, a generally clean cut Senior Actuarial Analyst, joined in the fun too. Sterling decided to grow his moustache this year because men’s health issues have personally affected him. Sterling was able to raise a whopping $2,900.

Sterling related the discomfort of having a moustache, “Growing a moustache is a mixture between poison ivy and a blister, when it starts it’s as itchy as falling into poison ivy and once it is past the itchy stage it’s like having a blister. All that being said it was well worth the discomfort, as prostate cancer is very prevalent in my family with it being in the last three generations. My hope is that with all the money that is raised that men become very aware of what needs to be done to circumvent the issues that the cancer can create and that someday it will be a non-event.”

After some friendly competition, Movember at APS was a success, raising close to $6,400.

The APS Men of Movember

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