2012 APS Annual Report - Building Futures

June 5, 2013, Edmonton - Improved service delivery for our clients and investing in the future for our employees highlight Alberta Pensions Services Corporation's (APS) 2012 annual report.

"It was another successful year for APS in 2012," said Karen Adams, APS President and CEO. "We improved on service delivery for our clients, and focused on both innovation and an investment in the future."

Highlights from the annual report include:

APS provided administrative services to 505 participating employers across Alberta, and pension services to nearly 324,000 members and pensioners.

Pensioner satisfaction levels continued to exceed target levels at 92 per cent (target: 85 per cent).

The Corporation managed approximately $4.7 billion in pension plan funds annually through receipts and disbursements to and from employers, members and other pension plans.

At the end of 2012, there were 65,980 users registered on mypensionplan, a secure website for active and deferred members. This is an increase of over 10,000 from 2011.

Total gross expenditures were budgeted at $51 million, while actual 2012 gross expenditures were $43 million.

A key measure of APS' success is our cost per member. The 2012 year-end cost per member was $154, which exceeded the target of $181.

The 2012 APS Annual Report can be found under the Publications section of the Corporation’s website: www.apsc.ca.

All media inquiries should be directed to mediacontact@apsc.ca