Next Generation Update

May 11, 2016

It's hard to believe that we are now three weeks away from Go Live. Our teams here at APS are working diligently toward bringing you the best possible system for administering pensions and Going Live on May 30 is one step in this overall process. We are excited to get to this point.

We continue to work with our vendor, Morneau Shepell, to refine the system performance and will give you an update on their progress next week.

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to partner with the University of Alberta School of Business and Associate Professor, Or, Marvin Washington, to discuss large transformational projects such as Next Generation and the impact they have on organizations.

Go Live Checklist

Please refer to your Go Live Checklist to ensure you are prepared for the system freeze beginning May 18 and for Go Live on May 30. In particular, please contact us asap with the following information:

1: Determlne last remittance(s) to process through EOS
2: Determine first remittance{s) to process through the Employer Portal
3: Advise APS of the specifics for the first remittance(s):

  • From - & to - date of first pay period
  • Payment (withholding) date
  • Name for the remittance
  • Whether UTF or template

APS requires this information to set-up your organization's first remittance in the new Employer Portal.

You can find the Go Live checklist on Pension e-guide under the employer Portal tab.

It's A Wrap! Employers are Officially Closed

Congratulations and a big thank you to all our employers for completing year-end closures early this year and we are in the best possible position for Go Live.

An early closure is great news for everyone. Our members will benefit from receiving their Annual Statements earlier than ever. And because our year-end data is in the system early, more accurate member estimates can be produced. last but not least. employers can take advantage of using the new portal with no transition data, allowing for the best possible head stan before year-end planning begins for next year.

FAQs recieved during training

The new portal seems like it could handle per pay period reporting. Are there plans to switch to this any time In the future?

The Portal does have the ability to support periodic reporting. We say periodic, as APS can set the frequency of reporting at an employer level. APS recognizes this functionality Is valuable to some employees, and for others it Is not. For the time being, APS will be continulng to use annual reporting, and perhaps in the future may look at periodic reporting, for those employers which it makes sense for.

What Is the process after Go-Live to deal with contributory leave contributions that were lumped In with regular contributions from January to May?

To move contributory leave contributions from regular contributions to buyback contributions afte, Go-Live. you will need to create buyback ID's for those members who have made contributory leave contributions during the first half of 2016. Once you have created accounts for those members. you will need to create a "zero dollar" remittance, with negative contributions in the regular ER/EE contributions fields, and positive contributions in the buyback ER/EE contributions fields. You will then attach the buyback details (either by UTF, Template, or Online Form). and submit the remittance, The amount to pay will be S0.00.

Troy Diakow
Executive Director, Client Services