Pension e-guide and Pension e-news Moving to Secure Access in 2012

February 7, 2012

Edmonton - In early 2012, online services for employers will be moving to secure access. This means only registered and authorized employer representatives will have access to:

  • Pension e-news (the employer newsletter); and
  • Pension e-guide (the employer information portal).

"Moving to secure online administration protects confidential and proprietary pension administration information," says Troy Diakow, Executive Director, Employer & Member Services. "It limits the risk of other individuals accessing or misinterpreting information intended for employers."

A secure website also protects members and employers through limiting the ability of social engineering and phishing schemes (where outside parties may recreate and use false/malicious documents that may appear to be from APS, in an attempt to obtain personal and financial information without an individual's knowledge or consent).

Registered users will require a password to access employer-specific content, and current Employer Online Services (EOS) users will be asked to log in using their EOS username and password.