In Support of Edmonton's Food Bank - Another Great Success!

Peanut Butter Pallet Event - March 2014

APS is proud to support Edmonton's Food Bank as our Charity of Choice. After the enormous success of our last big donation drive, Hungry, Hungry Holidays, we wanted to create another fundraising event that would have as much, if not more, impact.

Throughout the month of March, we held an event called Peanut Butter Pallet.

Peanut butter always tops the list as one of the Food Bank's most needed items since it is both filling and rich in nutrients. Often, the Food Bank spends up to $5,000 to purchase a pallet of peanut butter. Our aim was to contribute at least one entire pallet-worth of food by raising $5000 cash or 500 jars of peanut, nut or pea butter.

During the first two weeks, our totals added up fast. At the mid-way point, we were featured on Edmonton's Food Bank website for our commendable efforts. By the end of week four, we had collected 401 jars (80 per cent of our food goal) AND $1,620 cash (32.4 per cent of our cash goal). Overall, we contributed 744 lbs (or 337 kg) of peanut butter, and our combined food and cash donations totaled 112 per cent of our original goal.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Edmonton's Food Bank. The donation challenges are fun to do, and foster a greater sense of teamwork and corporate pride. It is also highly rewarding for APS employees to see our efforts making a difference in our community.